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4) How do I purchase a video?

We make the process of personalized videos EASY.

Step 1) Go to Flixation.co

Step 2) Scroll down to "First, choose a category." 

Step 3) Click on a video category that best matches your industry or the type of video you'll looking for. 

Step 4) Hover over each video to get a preview. If you see a video you like, click on the video!

Step 5) Now, you can watch the full video design for your selected video. If you're happy with your choice, select the "buy" button under the video in the description button.

Step 6) You will be prompted to create an account OR if you already have an account, simply plug in your information to login. Then click continue. 

Step 7) Enter your debit/credit card details and then proceed with your purchase.

Great! Now it's time for the fun part where your dedicated Flixation video team will personalize the video to your liking!