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1) How does your pricing work?

We offer 3 different options at Flixation. 

Option 1) One-time purchase. This is great if you only need 1 video made or if you want to test out Flixation. Each video has a "buy" button where you can purchase individual videos. Each video ad is $49 and each promo video is $299. 

Option 2) Monthly Subscription. Looking for fresh new videos every month? Our monthly packages are just for you! You can see the monthly package options here: https://flixation.co/pages/pricing (No commitment, cancel anytime)

Option 3) Yearly subscription. Do you love the idea of videos being produced for you every month BUT want to save some money? Well, that's what our yearly package is for! All the benefits of option 2 but with a bigger discount. 

Feel free to review our pricing & options here: https://flixation.co/pages/pricing